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Monday, February 28, 2011

Blogitis...a very compulsive condition

I have decided that I am sick....and possibly this is not a curable condition.  Symptoms include a marked desire to sit at one place, staring at a computer screen,clicking from blog to blog,  ignoring your SF and any pets that may want attention.... for hours on end.  And I believe it is contagious - I caught it last night from fellow blogger Lynda at SCDiva.  Of course, she did not do this on purpose....she just blogged about an event that got my fever up. And that was it ....Blogitis!

She wrote that 210  talented jewelery designers/bead makers/bloggers just participated  in a Bead Soup Blog Party.(ohhhh I want to do this too).  After drooling over the lovely piece that she designed,  I  spent hours on line checking out what everyone had created, going to blogs of creative people I did not previously know about and having a blast doing it.  What fun. And I didn't even get to 20% of the blogs yet! ( I have to be a bit different, and start at the bottom of the list and am working my way up).  Still not cured of Blogitis....

If you haven't heard about it ... link over to SCDiva and check it out.  Just beware that the blogitis bug is going around.

 Of course didn't get much cleaning done....

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