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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I did in Tucson, part II

Another fun class I took from Christi Friesen was a baby dragon hatching from an egg.  I learned how to make the egg shells and have them crack open realistically.  And a different style of wing than I usually make...and I made my first successful dragon claw.  I have tried to make claws in the past with no luck at all - that is why my fire lizards do not have them.  But with Christi's help I succeeded. Now it remains to be seen if this can be accomplished in the comfort of my own studio. Of course, when I added the wings, I covered up the talons so now I can't see them. Next time I will be more careful and show them off.

 Here is my Saucy Dragon.  He is sticking his tongue out for the camera - he really does not like to have his picture taken. 

No Cameras!  I haven't had a chance to shine my scales yet!

Also worth the price of admission was the secret to making the stones the mother dragon laid her egg on.  I am thinking of other uses for this technique. Here is a close up.

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