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Saturday, April 27, 2013


The long awaited day is finally here!  Time to reveal my Bead Soup to the world.
  For those who do not know, the Bead Soup Blog Party is the brainchild of Lori Anderson of Pretty Things.  What started out as a small bead exchange/challenge has turned into a worldwide event. This year there are over 500 of us - so many that it necessary to divide the reveal into 3 separate days.
   The rules are simple:  Lori pairs those that sign  up with a bead partner (it is a great way to meet people).  We exchange beads (no white elephants -send what you would like to get yourself). The exchange must include a focal and a nice clasp (no lobster claw please).  These two items must be incorporated into your pieces, but other than that, the sky is the limit.
   My lovely bead partner this year was Stepha Stamper of Rainy Day Designs.  Here is a reminder of what she sent.
Got my Party hat and ready to go!
  Hop over to her site, and check out what she made from my soup.
I was feeling very green when I made these for Stepha.
  The complete listing of all the participates and their links can be found at

 My first design went together so fast, it really surprised me.  I normally take forever to think and try all sorts of different designs.  This just sprang full bore from my brain.  You probably can't see it, but I painted the center dots of metal beads green with Vintaj Patina  to tie them into the green of the beads.

Here is the back, using the clasp that Stepha sent.

After that design came so easily, the Beading Goddess decided that my Muse needed to take a vacation. The focal really threw me for a loop. Nothing I tried was working. I really was glad that I'd had the extra time, as it wasn't till the last minute that I finally came up with an idea that wasn't totally hideous.  Back in November, my Polymer Guild had a gift show. Someone brought a Kumihimo loom to work on a piece during down time. The next day, a bunch of us (including yours truly) brought their own looms and we had a Kumihimo party going.  Just by a happy coincidence, the colors of that braid matched the colors of the focal, almost like I had ESP or something.
The focal close up

This is the focal with the braid.

My goal was to use every bead that Stepha sent me.  After making the main necklace, I had some assorted beads left. So I did what I love to do, make Earrings.  A gal can't have too many, don't ya know.
Closeup of the simple earring I made to go with my
main Bead Soup Necklace.   Green color courtesy of
Vintaj Patina.

Don't know WHERE the idea
for this design came from. I have
never made anything like this before
Notice that the bead is birdie shaped!
Homage to the Penguin!

The blue adds just the right pop of
color to these ceramic beads

Stepha sent the little reddish stone beads.
I had these hoops for a long time,
 just waiting to be used .

Vintage Trumpet flowers just yell out
for a stamen to be added.
In the end, I could not quite use them all.
This just sets a goal for the next bead soup.
A huge HUG and THANKS to Lori Anderson, who persevered through much pain and personal troubles, make this Bead Soup happen for us all.  She is a marvel.