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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blogging from Bed

When trying to tidy up and make more room for claying in my studio, one of the big obstacles was the inability to get to all my shelves.  I have a desk top that takes up a fairly large portion of the counter. It is handy to have there when I want to watch a video of a polymer clay technique from Utube or DVD, but trying to get around the tower to the shelf... that is another story.  The storage space behind it was just wasted.
    So I moved the tower to the floor, which meant moving the stuff under the desk elsewhere and it was snowballing from there.  Two bins now out to the storage unit.... boy that was hard to decide what I absolutely could not live without in my studio.  I am a true Magpie  ( ohhhh ...... shiny ... pretty....  don't know yet what to do with it, but I'll figure something out)
   But still the monitor was in the way. Then I made huge discovery. Due to all the moving around, I had to use DH computer  briefly.  I was showing him my blog and much to my surprise, what I thought was a lovely tangerine background color was pinkish.  I proceeded to check other computers and found the same.  I tweaked with my monitor and discovered there was a real problem with the reds. I knew that pictures I had taken of red items had not displayed right but  I thought it was my camera that had the problem.  What can I say, I am not a techie.  I had heard that monitors vary in color but this was way off.
   To make a long story short,  I opted to get a laptop (hurrah for the President's Day Sales - saved a bunch of moola) and am now blogging from the comfort of my bed.  Still reorganizing in the studio (no desktop so more room) so no new clay adventures to report.

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