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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rustic Reloaded

As I wrote in my last blog, I wanted to attempt using darker colors when making Rustic Beads. This time I tried a dark blue.  
 I found out quickly that dark colors just aren't my thing. At least, this shade of blue it not.

 So, back to the lighter colors I gravitate towards.
Only textured on one side.  Will have to make post earrings
out of them, I suppose

 The yellow/green combo is one that really speaks to me

 Close ups of my favorite beads of the group.

 A little darker this time.  I also tried a bit of a different distressing technique on these pairs.  The finished look is more scratched up and worn that I was able to achieve before.  Kinda like the result and want to play some more with the idea.

 I saw a quick demo on  how to make lava beads at clay camp, but did not win the tool needed to create them.  Found it in my local neighborhood hardware store (this is a great place to wander the aisles, they are an older store with lots of goodies tucked away just waiting to be discovered). These were colored using the same technique as the rustic beads, but I did not distress them.  They have problems enough of their own without my beating on them.

A big thanks to Ginger Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree for her Rustic Bead tut.  I am having so much fun with it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I finally overcame my obsession with Controlled Marbling long enough to try out a new tutorial: Rustic Beads by Ginger Davis Allman at The Blue Bottle Tree.

My first attempts aren't as Rustic as hers, but then she wrote the book, so to speak.
On the first try, the beads came out way too thick and not battered enough.

So, after reducing the amount of clay and purchasing a "rustic tool" that Ginger recommended in the tut, these were the result.  Not quite what I expected, but I am not unhappy.  They aren't as, well for lack of a better term, rustic as those Ginger makes. I think that is because I tend to gravitate towards brighter, lighter colors.  I am going to try darker colors next time.

Kitten update:  I can't really call them kittens any more.  They are 5 months old and almost full grown.  Zinger had his "operation" last week and it did not go as well as Tofur's.  He apparently wiggled and twisted and squirmed around so much, he bumped his hinny against the cage and gave himself a nasty hematoma at the surgical site.  He has to wear a cone to prevent further damage. 
Sleeping off the effects of the day

Worming my way into Daddy's heart??

Monday, June 3, 2013

Rainbow Earrings

Got around to making up some earrings from the beads I made at Clay Camp.  Since the rainbow beads are so colorful, I kept the design simple.  

 Finally getting collages figured out. I don't have any fancy software, like photoshop. Just have to use Picasa, which I downloaded for free.

Hard to believe that all these colors came from only 4 basic colors.