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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Faux Ceramic with Polymer Clay

One of the many artistic forms that I have attempted in my life was ceramics.  I really enjoyed it, even if I could never get the hang of the wheel.  I took lessons and open studio  for several years at a community art center near my work, mostly hand building, until the cost of going there got too high.

    One of the big draws of polymer clay for me is it's ability to mimic almost any other medium.  And since I still love the look of ceramics, I have played around with PC attempting to make faux ceramic beads.

 This is a necklace and earrings that I made a while back.  I made the base beads by stamping into white clay and cured them. I then mixed alcohol inks into liquid polymer clay and applied to the backed beads. I semi-cured them with a heat gun, to set the LPC so it would not drip in the oven during the second baking.  I like the  glazed look this technique achieved.

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  1. Hi Julee, I'm new to your blog and thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Davinia. Love your beads, the colours are so vibrant. Being fairly new to polymer clay I'm still discovering all the wonderful things that can be done with this versatile medium.