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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Update to life

Oh, boy .... has it really been that long since my last blog. Life has taken some nasty turns in the last month, and taken all my extra energy.  My mother in law was not breathing well, finally went into see the doctor.  She has always been a stoic person, not to be stopped by little aches and pains.  Unfortunately they discovered a lot of fluid collected around her lungs, and when they removed and tested it, they found cancer cells.  A lot of tests later, it was determined that she has Lymphoma.  We are still waiting to hear if it has infiltrated her bones.  She starts on Chemotherapy this week.

  My husband and I are still shocked, as we really expected his Dad (who's health has not been the greatest) to be the first to get really ill and never expected it to happen to his mother, who has always been the rock of the family.   My husband is not handling this too well, and I have to be there as his rock at this time.  So there may not be too many blogs from me for a while.

I really don't want to depress any of my readers by this post, but I am asking any who feel inclined, to include Karon Wolfe in their prayers.  Thank you for any kind thought