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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sunny (and Cold!!!!!) Tucson

Boy, here I was looking forward to soaking up some sun in Tucson. Well, it is sunny and cold! Looks like we arrived during the cold snap. It was 19 degrees last night and there was no heat. Seems when my hosts had their system worked on during the summer, the guy took the heating element out and did not replace it.  Whether by accident or design is not yet known.  But my kind hosts loaned us thermal undies and more blankets and started a fire in the grate.  They hardly ever use it but boy, it came in handy last night.
    We hear it is supposed to warm up by the weekend.  Spent part of yesterday morning walking around in some of the outdoor booths.  Hardly any people out so we had a lot of fun talking to the vendors.  Found some double holed pearls, which I have been having a hard time finding.
   Then my friend Donna and I headed over to the To Bead True Blue show for our first class with Christi F.  We made lunar moths... Today I will be making a dragon sculpture.

  I mentioned before that Donna is quite an artist in her own right.  Here is a picture of a work she did several years ago and gave to her sister here in Tucson

You can't really tell from this blurry cell phone pix, but this is made entirely from seed beads.  She glued each one individually on the canvas. Took almost a year, if I remember right. This is the second one she has done. She is currently working on a piece using a door as her canvas.  I wish I had her patience.

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