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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brief Hiatus

  I was feeling overcrowd in my studio.  No matter how much room I have, I always seem to get confined to 6 squares inches of working space.  But lately that 6" square is even being intruded on.  It was getting very difficult to create in that environment as I spent half my time looking for something that I just had in my hand a minute earlier. 

So, it is time to push up the sleeves and do some preliminary spring cleaning. We all know the old story.... if I move that here and this there ....  pretty soon the whole floor is covered with Stuff That Has No Home. My DH (the anti-magpie)  got me a couple of storage bins and I am reluctantly moving some things out of the studio.

Late last night I found  a drawer filled with PC items that I made in my first year or two using the medium.  I spent too much time reminiscing and not cleaning.  At this rate it will be a while before I can clay again. 

These are some old friends I found lying around in the back of a drawer. The gold piece I made at Ravensdale 2006, with the piece below it coming into being a week later. The little heart is one of my first attempts at using mica powders.  The geisha is a few years younger.  I made her at Clay Carnival in Vegas - a class with Cathy Johnston.  What fun it was to remember ... good memories all due to the medium of polymer clay. I never would have gone to Ravensdale or the two Clay Carnivals I have attended if I hadn't learned to make a pink pig.

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