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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I did in Tucson, part I

Finally back and partially unpacked from my first trip to the Tucson Bead Show.  Dirty clothes are in the hamper, shampoo back in the shower, pills in the medicine cabinet.  All that remains is to catalog and put away my goodies.  I found so many beautiful and unique  beads, stocked up on findings, and books...I don't know where to begin

What an experience. I am on sensory overload. I saw so much and hardly dented the surface.  I did spend a lot of my time at the To Bead True Blue show, because that was where Christi Friesen was showing and doing her classes, but I did make it to other shows around the area as time allowed.

On Wednesday, Donna and I took Christi's Lunar Moth Class.  What fun we had.  She had some of the new Premo colors and I absolutely fell in love with the Peacock blue.  I made the colors for my moth using it blended with varying amounts of white and ecru.  I can't wait until they become available in the stores.

 Even though I will sorely miss Green Pearl, Christi told us that there is a new green coming that can be mixed with other colors to give a good approximation of Green Pearl.  I make a lot of green dragons, so that was good news to hear.

Here is a picture of the lunar moths we made in class. Mine is the bluish green and Donna's is the purple.  Have not yet decided if it will be broach, focal or wall mounted piece. 

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