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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Learning Curve

Interesting, I discovered with my last post, that I could not include two pictures in the same post. There is a way, since I have seen many other blogs that have more than one photo included in a post. But I have not yet figured it out.  Back to the help and "how do I...?" section.

Anyway, here are the hearts I mentioned in the last post. I like them but they will not work well in a necklace with the my other leaf beads. 

Showed the oldest, now the newest

I really admire the work of Artebecca.  In the concept of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, I have attempted to make my own version of her wonderful art beads.  But I, unlike that talented lady, can not seem to draw anything but leafs.  However, through shear  repetition,  I am getting good at doing leafs.  Could be because I was using clay left over from my dragon making session last month and the colors lend themselves to one thinking about autumn and falling leafs.

I started out making beads.  I tried darkening the lines with acrylic paint, but was not totally satisfied with the look. I then used liquid clay mixed with pitch black alcohol ink to highlight the lines.  When wiping the excess liquid away, a tiny residue is left on the rest of the bead. When zapped with my heat gun, it gives just the right amount of sheen to the beads.

Then I realized that I had a lot of beads but no focal.  So I made up several more, larger heart shaped.  But after looking at them, with the other beads, I have decided they are not exactly the right shape. So back to the drawing board, but will have to wait till I get back from Tucson. 
Less than 24 hours and I will be there!

What to take...what to take

Why is it always harder for me to decide what jewelery to take on vacation than it is to decide what clothing to pack?  I have had my clothes picked out for almost a week, but trying to match up the accessories....oh, boy (to quote Sam Beckett).

It is a bead show after all .... and that calls for showing off a bit. I know that other people will be. However, I really don't make showy, elaborate pieces. Mine are more for  everyday wear. Since the shirts I am packing are green, turquoise blue and tan, that  finally decided my color palette.

 I think I have it narrowed down to some of my favorite, most worn pieces.  They aren't necessarily show items, but they are all beloved in their own way.  I feel comfortable wearing them.  The picture is not the greatest as I took it on a whim while packing,  not really caring about lighting,etc.


     Each piece has its own story, and I may write about them some day.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Spoiled Brat Cat

I should be claying, but instead am curled up on the couch watching the pilot episode of  "Harry's Law". I like it, then again I have been a fan of Kathy Bates for a long time.

  Of course, having a free lap is just too much temptation for my littlest Underfoot.  I have always wanted a lap cat that would prefer MY lap (the majority of my furry friends find my hubbies lap more comfortable). The Eyesis Rue (aka "the Bit" or Puff) uses any and every excuse to crawl in and get comfortable.  Took this pix with my cell phone, so it is rather grainy. 

But I do have a piece in the oven baking so this time is not a total waste.  Am also washing the clothes I will be packing for my trip to Tucson this week for the big Bead Show. I have never been and have wanted to go for years. Since I am not getting any younger, I decided to treat myself for my birthday.  I am so excited - will be taking several classes with my favorite polymer clay instructor and all around great person, Christi Friesen. I am  going to be staying with my friend Donna at her sister's house and am also looking forward to see her family again.  This experience should give me a lot to write about.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Nice Surprize

My friend Donna (quite an artist in her own right) gave me a wonderful gift for my birthday.  She loves to make faces, of all sorts and sizes from all different types of materials. She has these displayed in the long hallway of her home - her Rogue's Gallery as she calls it. This one is only ceramic, as opposed to mixed media, but simply beautiful. I especially love the swirls of red designed into the blue side of the face.

It will fit in well in my collection. I am attempting to amass faces that convey the four elements of fire, earth, air and water.  Now I just have to figure out how to hang it.

The little piggy that started it all

Where to start? 

When in doubt, I suppose it is best to start at the beginning.  My beginning  started one Saturday morning at my local Michael's.  There was a nice lady sitting at a table next to a pasta machine.  Next to her where these cute little critters... and one was a pink piggy. It so happens that my sister collected pink pigs and I was always on the look out for them. So I innocently asked what she was doing.

The next think I know, I am making my own pink pig, and then another.  I bought some clay, a pasta machine, and a blade then and there.  Headed to the local thrift store to find a toaster oven and I was off, making pink pigs like crazy. 

I took over a spot in my hubbies garage but soon the pigs weren't enough. I slowly crept my new hobby into the house, eventually moving out my sewing machine and other craft items. Several months later I discovered there was a local polymer clay guild and I joined.  I graduated to making beads, which I love doing, and recently starting to make the beads into jewelery.

This is the little piggy who started it all. Still keeps my notes in line on the refrigerator. I don't know what happened to my sister's.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Blogging for the first time

This is a real learning experience. I always swore that I would never blog. But time waits for no one, and I should keep up with the rest of the world. I always wondered if I would have anything to write about and who would want to read it anyway? But in the last year I have been discovering that I am interested in what other people are doing.There are blogs that I visit regularly and find myself anticipating their next posting.  I have meant people all over the country through our mutual interest in Polymer Clay and have even gone on a cruise where I spent 5 days immersed in creating and learning new techniques - hardly looked out the porthole.  What an adventure for a old stay at home like me.

    This year, my horoscope said that I was to explore new ideas and expand my social network.  Not that I am a big believer in astrology, esp after I learned last week that every one's  horoscope sign was wrong and that we all have to drop back one. I definitely am not a Capricorn! But I can use it for an excuse, can't I?

  I plan on focusing on my art and sharing what I am doing with other like minded polymer clay fans.  And we are a growing number.