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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Something Fishy this way Comes

Right after I got my PanPastel Chalks, I started seeing what I could do with them. One of the first things I did was stamp on to translucent clay and color in the image with the chalks. Not all stamps work for this technique, as there has to be an open area to color in.  One of my stamps that fit this criteria is the fish seen below.  When I stamped on the clay, and started working with the image, I realized it was a lot bigger than I originally thought. Amazing how a flat object suddenly grows in size when made 3 dimensional, isn't it. It was far to large to make a comfortable sized flat pendant.  So I wrapped the image around a base bead that I had applied silver foil to.  I hung it simply with a crackled bead I had in my stash. I love making the beads, not so good at putting them into functional use (yet - one of my year goals is to improve my jewelery design skills).

As you can see from the dime in the picture, this is a big bead.  Just a bit shy of  6 cm long (2 and 3/8 inches).

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  1. These are fabulous Julee. I could kick myself, I had almost every colour pan pastel but when I started playing with clay I sold nearly all of them for half price to a dear friend thinking I wouldn't use them on clay. Oh well, live and learn.
    The fish beads would make a striking focal on any piece of jewelry.