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Friday, March 4, 2011

Are Chalks Cheating?

My latest beads were made by drawing designs into white polymer clay, then painting them with PanPastel Chalks.  After baking, I fill in the lines with colored liquid clay. I enjoy the process. The feeling of serenity it brings hearkens back to the days when I painted on canvas, not beads (my poor family - their houses are filled with oils that I did back in the day - surprisingly I don't have any of them myself.)

I suppose it could be considered a form of "cheating: since the colors are not coming from the PC itself.  I still like the effects and am working on a different design. Hey, a break from the leaf motif!


  1. I love them - looks like ceramic. And cheating?? Well, there´s no limits in PC. Isn´t that great??

  2. The technique you've done is "mixed media" which is all the rage these days, so I agree, you've not cheated one bit! I've used Pan Pastels for over a year now on the clay. Compared to pastel chalk sticks, the Pan Pastels are so saturated that I find it a challenge to get nic,e lighter colors, but you've got that down JuLee! Beautiful!