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Monday, March 14, 2011

I warned her!!

Had a wonderful weekend learning from the marvelous Christi Friesen.  Wild at Heart Studios in the San Juan Islands put on a retreat that was so much fun.  Jan, the owner, out did herself being a wonderful host. Of course, I personally think that every event that features Christi is wonderful, but this time ..... even though some of the stuff she covered I already knew, I still learned so much.  I don't know where she gets all her energy.... she is so bubbly and UP all the time!

My everlovin' (eversuffern' he says) hubbie and I meet her at the airport and drove up to the ferry.  Then we had a leisurely hour ride over to the island.  On the ferry, we meet other clayers who were also heading over.
Everyone started talking like long lost friends. Isn't it amazing how a common bond will unite people from all over?... I love this medium.

Anyway, I had my camera and attempted to get a picture of my favorite PC artist/teacher.  Do you think she would hold still...not our Ms Friesen.  Almost every pix is blurred. I have a beauty with her body still and hands just a blur...quite a sight.  So, what happens when she actually holds still for a second.....well, see for yourself....

I told ya I'd post it...warned ya I did!

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