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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Wooded Retreat

Clay Camp is over for this year.  Whaaaa!  The time ended too quickly.  A lovely wooded site where a person could clay all day and night - as long as I could stay awake that is.  

The first sight that greeted me was the main lodge, already prepped for the weekend.  See the ovens, two in front, and two out a side door. 
The first step is deciding which side of the room to set up on.  Always a hard decision.  Since I am a late riser I decided on the side with the afternoon light. After dropping off all my clay tools (my, what a big rolling tool bin you have, my dear), the next item of business is to await our room assignments.   After taking my stuff to my room, Opus bird took off to leave me to my weekend of fun.  Nothing I have to do for the whole weekend.   And there is chocolate on the goodies table!!! Sheer bliss.

Our cabins are on the far right of pix. Late nighters in one and early risers in the other.
After organizing our clay areas, we get caught up with our fellow guildees or clay until it is time for dinner.  Marvelous food served with a spectacular  view of the woods and mountains. The whole back wall is windowed, floor to ceiling. 
View from dining area.
Close up view. Hard to see mountain as it is cloudy.  It is breath taking sunny or cloudy.

Late Friday night, most everyone has retired for the day except a few of us diehards.

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