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Friday, May 27, 2011

Successful Transfers at Last

When I first got into Polymer Clay, one of the techniques that really intrigued me was image transfer.  However,  it was one technique that caused me all sorts of trouble. I tried every method that I could find during my first claying year - all without luck.  I gave up, as I was kinda an instant gratification gal and there were so many other avenues to explore that did work. 

Then,  at one Clay Carnival,  Donna Kato showed me her technique.  It worked.  I was happy - for a brief time. Then, as luck had it, the paper Donna recommenced changed. Transfers using her method no longer worked.  So I put transfers aside again, but the desire was always there.

Lynda at SC Diva has been doing wonderful transfers that I have been drooling over. I finally I gave into my Muse,  broke down and purchased her tut.  Success at last.  I am so happy with my results.   Take a look.

Can you tell I like Cats?

A cat  of a different stripe

And something different
Thanks hugely Lynda!

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