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Saturday, May 7, 2011

From Driveway to Studio

At our guild meeting this week, the demo involved using leafs as a mask, powdering the clay with mica powders then removing the leaf to leave its outline behind.  Charlie used dark clay but I started wondering if I could use light and color with PanPastel Chalks instead.  That lead to some experimenting that I am going to share with you today.

Trying to find a good leaf was the first step.  The first leafs were too big, the second leaf did not have  good veining.  Finally found a little weed in my driveway that looked promising.  It was a very durable leaf too - got 6 imprints out of it before it gave out.

No color was added to the leaf, just the background.  After curing, I used liquid clay tinted with black ink to fill in the vines.
On the second piece, I used the same colors of chalks in the background, putting a little color in the leaf using light green.  It is also textured a bit using my favorite texture pad.  I am not sure what material the pad is made of.  Got it at Clay Carnival several years ago and love it!  It might be a piece of furnace filter - that is the closest I can get to identifying it.

I made one with no color on the leaf but a dusting of gold mica powder to give it a little shine.  The background color is more of a sky color and textured to compliment the rainy weather outside my studio window. A little curve of the blade made a bit of different shape than the rectangles I have been making of late. 

On this one, there is even a lighter dusting of the light green.  I can barely make out the color.  I made a bit of a different texture on the edge made with a large screw. 

Important to note, before using the leaf for the first time, clean it off.  If not, the dust and dirt particles will stick to the clay and become a permanent part of the pendant.  

The last piece was my least favorite when it came out of the oven. The dark purple splotch was really distracting, as originally the leaf imprint had not been precolored.  It was very bland.  Green tinted liquid clay was added to the leaf and it made a big difference. I am going to  experiment more with other color for veining and leaf colors. It is still spring and there are a lot of leafs out there.

I haven't decided yet if I want the leafs top up or top down.  Which do you think is the better look?

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