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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I've been Missed

I got back from clay camp this afternoon, after a stop at the Ben Franklin in Monroe.  They have such cool stuff.  I could spend a long time there, but DH was in the car and we were facing rush hour (how something that lasts for 4 or more hours can be referred to as an hour is beyond me).

Finally got home, and got mobbed the instant I stepped inside.  My babies missed me!  Took a nap and all three joined me in the bed, all demanding pets at the same time.  Finally they let me sleep, one at my feet, another at the small of my back, and one draped over my hip. I was so tired.  Clay Camp is another word for sleep deprivation.  So many ideas floating in the head, it is hard to sleep.

I am so late getting off line because Eyesis did not want to leave my lap.  How can I deny her since she was soooo abandoned all weekend.  Will write more later about what happened this weekend, but now for your moment of cute. (I suppose I would have been really sorry if my cell phone had rang)

Note cell phone in pocket. 

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