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Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Great Trade

While at Clay Camp, I meet Pamela. She and I made a trade that I am still really stoked about. She got a bunch of my green squish beads and I got this beauty.

You might be thinking, what is it exactly? Other than being totally cool, that is.  Is it a book, perhaps a small tablet .... Just wait.     Here is the inside.

Believe it or not, this fantastic folded interior  is fashioned from fabric!
                                        Give up???? 

It is a credit card holder (perfectly sized for those marvelous plastic cards that get me into so much trouble). My license and insurance card also fit.

Here are a few others that she had made and had brought to camp:

My mysterious smile was printed directly on to the clay.

And what is really exciting is that she had a free tut on how to make these on her website.  Along with instructions on how to print from an inkjet printer directly onto clay (both my wallet and the Mona Lisa images were done using this method).

Check it out at

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  1. JuLee,

    Thanks so much for featuring my wallets on your blog--I hope you are enjoying yours. I got so much inspiration from Clay Camp--check out my newest wallet (it's not yet finished, though):