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Monday, August 27, 2012

Working together

Sorry about no posts for the past several days, but I brought home more than a lot of memories.  Got a nasty  chest cold.  It was all I could do to drag myself into work over the weekend.  Off work today and spending it in bed. Thank goodness for Dayquil.

One of the highlights I remember from my last Clay Cruise (2009) was a collaboration between Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg and Christi Friesen, when they created the only existing Friesenberg dragon.  There was a lot of good natured battering about what to name the critter and everyone was hoping their name got drawn out of the hat so it could go home with them.

This time out, Lisa Pavelka and Christi decided to get together to create something special for one lucky person. They created a totem pole of one of kind critters and gave themselves a 40 minute time limit to do it in.  I am sorry that my pictures aren't so great - we were cramped in a small room with poor lighting.
Christi and Lisa hard a work.  See how jammed in we all were
Christi's moose. This is one loose moose, totally blinged.
Complete with hoop earring.

Lisa's sweet little honey bear

Dig the teeth on Lisa's beaver critter
They put it all together for closing ceremonies.  I was not able to get close enough to get a really good picture, but believe me, it was adorable.
Taken from a distance before we
were put up for display.
It was exciting to see the creative minds at work and watch as the totem took on a life of its own.

PS  Lisa P read my posting and was kind enough to send me a better picture of the finished totem. Here you can also see the flying squirrel that Christi made to complete the set.

Hello from the Great White North

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