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Friday, August 24, 2012

White Pass and Great Yukon Railroad

I signed us up for several shore excursions when we where in Alaska.  Even though I knew that we would be "seeing" Alaska from the cruise ship, I didn't really think that was really SEEING Alaska. I wanted mountains and forests, not just the ports of call.  Several of the excursions had train rides into the interior. I chose the one what looked like it went the furthest  into the wilderness - a train ride with a real steam engine up into the Yukon..  Here you can see some of the train cars from Spirit's upper deck.
People really do look like ants from up here!

The views were amazing!  And there was a platform that we could go out on to take pictures.  It was very crowed most of the time, so I only got out there twice during our 3.5 hour trip. The only complaint I had about the ride was that the seats were built for the butts of people from the 19th century - they were a lot small than Lord Opuson and me then!
View of where we had been.  That is Skagway between the peaks
with just a hint of the water.

A river runs through it.

Can you see the trail in the rock?  According to our guide, this was part of the footpath used by the Alaskan Gold Rush miners to cross the mountains to get to the gold fields.  She said it was so crowded that if you had to get out of line for any reason, it could take up to half a day to get back in line.

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