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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Clayditarod Adventure Classes Day 1

The first day of the Clayditarod was a jam-packed one.  We had been divided into 4 groups, and each group would rotate through the classes.  I was in Group D.  Our first class was with the talented Julie Picarello and, believe it or not, she did not teach Mokume Gane.  We learned how to decorate bezels that have a hole in the middle. (can you believe I was up and in class at 0830? - this cruise played havoc with my sleep schedule)

Julie hard at work. She had sooo many cool findings
Still Drooling.  Funny how PC ladies get all ohh and ahh
over hardware, isn't it?
 Here is my finished product.  The findings are being held in by a plug of clay placed in the hole in the middle. The holey plate changed color in the oven.  I hope to be able to do something to brighten it up.
A bit of bling in the center
After a very hurried lunch on the Lido Deck, Group D trooped off to another room just off the main dinning area (with much better lighting).  I was really excited to to be learning about silver metal clay. I have had very little experience with it as it is so expensive. The instructor is a master in the field - Jackie Truty of Art Clay World.  She had us do what I thought would be impossible:  we carved a design in tile and then used it as a texture plate to impress the silver clay into.  I was so frustrated at first until Jackie showed me the RIGHT way to hold the carving tool.  My piece curled up a bit, due to my not getting a uniform thickness, but since the design was a salmon, it resembles a wave in the water, so I meant to do it that way (my story and I am sticking too it).
Not too bad for my first try.
And now for another moment of Zen
Tracey Arm Fjord. Christi and I were wondering just
what the  formula would be to get the water's green color.

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