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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to Reality

What a wonderful week I had.  How to begin to blog about it.  I am sure that I could just go on and on talking about all the sights I have seen, the wonderful people I have meet and the experiences I have had ... not to mention the food that I have eaten (way too much food, I might add).
   I have so much to share that I will have a lot to write about every day, rather than overwhelm with one huge blog to slog through. I wish I could have written about it as I experienced it, but Internet access aboard ship was sooooo expensive. I think Christi told me she paid $99 for 4 hours of access!!!
Seattle from the ship
  So I will start at the beginning.  We left Seattle on Tuesday August 14th aboard the Carnival Cruise ship Spirit  ... a sunny morning in the Emerald City.
   Lord Opuson and I found our way to our stateroom in the bowels of the ship (deck 1 inside cabin - the theory being that we are only in our rooms to sleep, we will save money this way for shore excursions).
Small cabin but it had more closet space
than at my house!
Our first night we all got together for a meet and greet, and I forgot my camera!  So, no pictures.  We got to meet our instructors:  Katie Baum and Jackie Truty from Clay Art World - both master instructors in metal clay art, Julie Picarello - master at Mokume Gane polymer work, Christi Friesen - my fave PC instructor of all time, and our lovely hostess  Lisa Pavelka.  They let us know about all the classes and events we were going to have.
  And we got our swag bags!  WOW, I was totally blown away. The sponsors this year were excessively generous. That will be another blog all by itself.  AND there were daily giveaways with everyone winning something - AND a final big door prize of a KILN.  Jackie  had brought it on board to fire our metal clay pieces from her class and rather than shipping it back,  was giving it way to one lucky person. 
   I was planning to write about the trip in daily order, but I just can't now ... I am too excited to keep it in.
   I WON THE KILN!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am totally blown away about it.  I don't have any pix yet as I am trying to figure out were it is going to go.  My house is tiny and I want to be sure I set it up properly so I don't burn it down (proper distance from walls, heat precautions and all that).  I am going to touch bases with my old glass instructor as to the hows and wheres for proper kiln placement.  Then I will be off and running ... 
   And now for your moment of Zen
Folded towel art 


  1. Thanks for the wonderful blog JuLee. I had so much fun with you! Love my swap and miss you already. Have fun with your new kiln. I'm so happy for you. Keep creating and I hope to see you soon! Big Clay Hugs - Lisa

  2. OMG, I am shaking with excitement for you, JuLee! A kiln... isn't that the ultimate toy. You know, like an Easy Bake Oven for grown-ups (we ARE grown-ups, right, JuLee?)