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Monday, August 13, 2012

Latest earrings and the Clayditarod

Yahoooo!  My wrists haven't hurt in almost a week. Just in time for the Clayditarod Clay Cruise. I am almost entirely packed (even have room left for all the goodies I hope to be bringing back.) The boat sails tomorrow afternoon for a week of clay (both metal and PC) and sightseeing in Alaska.  I just checked the weather reports and it looks like I will be right at home - rain most of the days we are in port.  ***sigh***  But weather not withstanding, I am going to have FUN!!!!  I will be sure to take a lot of pictures to share with all my readers.  Hi to all those new people who just joined up during the Bead Soup.  I hope that you enjoy your visits with me.

I have been busy this weekend between all the last minute errands that need running, that it was hard to visit as many BSBP blogs as I wanted to.  Did not make them all - ran out of time.  When I get back,  I will take up where I left off.  I want to say that I am so impressed with all the talented jewelry designers and bead makers out there....I have gotten so much inspiration from looking at their pictures, and reading about their thought processes as they created their pieces.

With my wrists better, I was able to catch up with my earrings for the 52 Earrings Project. Two are similar and maybe both shouldn't count, but I am going to show them anyway. The third is a close up of the one I created for the Bead Soup.
These trumpet bead earrings
will go perfectly with a new
blouse I want to wear to
dinner on the cruise

Can't go wrong with Black and White

Bead Soup
See you all in a week.


  1. Very pretty earrings, and I'm glad to hear about your wrists. Having a very arthritic hip, I can relate, although it doesn't get in the way of beading. Just walking and sleeping :-)

    My daughter likes to work with those long bead caps, but she doesn't have quite your skill yet :-)

  2. Nice piece of earrings! I sure i would like to have one in my collection. Are theyf or sale anywhere online?
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