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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CLWI tool explained

  I used a term in my last blog that had some of my readers scratching their heads.  "What in the world",  they queried, "is a CLWI tool?" 

 It is sometimes hard for me to remember that not every is as into Christi Friesen as I am.  There were several tools that she really liked to perform her sculptural magic - but they were usually made from wood or plastic, which are not always the best materials for working with Polymer.  So she has had them made up in metal (available on her site or from her during her classes). 

CLWI - Can't live without it Tool
GHI - Gotta Have it Tool
WIA - Wow, It's Awesome Tool

Here they are, in all their metal glory.

I love them and use them all the time.

For example: I used them to make the leafs in the pendant shown below.  The tendril was made by wrapping a small log around the CLWI tool. The indents in the leafs- GHI tool, the "dipples" - WIA tool.  Even the fold that the hanging tubing goes through was made using the CLWI tool
I have found them invaluable.

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