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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scads of Earrings

The new photo box has curtailed my claying this week. I have been busy starting to create a more cohesive library of my creations. Since I seem to have a lot of  earrings,  I started there. 

These are a pair of one of the first earrings I made  by covering white beads (made courtesy of the bead roller) with alcohol inks.
This combo created one of my favorite earrings. The ink colors used were Stream and Yellow.  I wear a lot of turquoise so these earrings see a lot of ear time.
These are another pair of my favorites.  The dots were made by carefully removing ink from the solidly colored base.

Here I first painted the white based bead with silver acrylic paint followed by coloring the bead with green ink.  Makes a very shiny bead.

This was made the same as above, only using a pinkish ink. The dots were added afterwards using silver acrylic paint and a toothpick. there are only a few made this way.

So much for this days ramblings, off to take more pictures and feed the Underfeet.

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  1. Neato. All your earrings seem to be shiny. Did you coat them with something after you put the alcohol ink on them?