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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Texture Bead Experimentation

Lynda at SC Diva (you really need to check out her Esty Shop) makes wonderful beads and jewelery. She  has written tutorials on her techniques, and I recently bought her Texture Bead tut. Life has intervened lately so I had to wait till yesterday to try it out and got so involved that I forgot about my guild meeting till it was too late (drat!!!!)

My first bead I made with some scrap clay just to try it out.  Antiqued with acrylic paint.  It is OK but the clay is too dark for my liking.

I switched to a lighter clay, and using the same texture, also antiqued with acrylic paint.

Then I tried a different texture sheet with a another color that I had left over from my Floral Punk Project.

Switched back to the yellow. This time I wondered what would happen if I used tinted liquid polymer clay instead of acrylic paint as the antiquing medium. I really like how this looks.

 Same texture sheet and color, only made the bead smaller. It is hard to tell in the pictures but these two beads are about half the size of the others.

Wondered what it would look like if I tinted the clay with a different color. This is red pepper colored ink.

Then I tried a different texture and the same red tinted clay.  Don't like this one very much,

I really like these.  There was only a small bit of this clay color so these are one of a kind. The color appeared when I was mixing scrape clay together for bead "guts".

Got another yummy color when mixing my scrape bag.  I love this color and wish I knew how to get this color deliberately.  This was a different texture sheet again.  Wasn't sure if it would work as the texture is so uneven, but it did not turn out too badly.

I am very happy with Lynda's tuts. They are well written, easy to understand, with good pictorial references.

Thanks again Lynda.


  1. Lynda these are fabulous. I especially like the first ones and the red and green beads are just gorgeous. Think I need to get me that tutorial...maybe a birthday present to myself.

  2. I love these--I'll have to get that tutorial!