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Saturday, June 25, 2011

What's in a name?

I bought an issue of Metalclay Artist Magazine a while back.  Picked up this mag because  there was a good article about photographing jewelry.  What I found even more interesting was on the last page. "Not Untitled: 40+ incentives to name your jewelry" by Marthe Le Van.  I had never really given much thought to naming my pieces. Of course,  I had noticed that PC artists I admire named their works, but always thought that was "above me". After all,  who am I?  Nobody famous - just a midnite clayer. But the points she made really have me thinking. They range from the logical reason "titles make it easier to organize and track your inventory" to the esoteric "titles don't have to say everything, but they should say something", and in between "Titles show that you care about your work".

 I hope you all bear with me as I explore this new idea. Some of the names I come up with may be out there but as Marthe wrote:  "Titles tell your story and give a little insight into your world".  My world can be a bit wonky at times. 

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