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Monday, June 13, 2011

More Texture Beads

I finally had a weekend off from work and  my Opie was away  at a conference -so I had the whole day free to clay.  By the end of Saturday, I realized  I am getting pretty good at making the large texture beads, at least in the round shape.  The next step is trying my hand at tube beads.

I love the light green ones I created earlier in the week.  The color was serendipity, created when I was mixing scrapes for bead guts.  I attempted to recreate the green hue - close but not quite.  I also found a good tool for making texture around the cap of the bead.

I wondered what it would look like if I made a basic black bead and highlighted it with mica powders.  I am not sure if I like the results or not. The first was gold with blue caps.

The next I colored  monotone in green. 

I had yellow left over from earlier in the week, so I grabbed another texture plate and went to town.  The first was antiqued with black ink.

Then I used Espresso Colored Ink to make a lighter antiquing.  These have the little bead ends that add a good finishing touch to the beads.

The next beads used up the last of my yellow clay. I tried a bit different end cap this time using a little Kemper star cutter.

By the way. have you noticed the difference in my photos?  I invested in a light box and have been learning to use it in the last two picture taking sessions.  It really makes a difference.

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