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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Productive Clay Weekend

For once I did not sleep half my weekend away. I have been using my exercise bike for more than a coat rack lately and have found that I have more energy.  More energy = more clay time.  Win/win.
  I finally have my beads done for my Bead Soup Partner Melissa AND I made it down to ye ol' bead store for a cool clasp and some extra beads to go with them. That was hard ... when one mixes colors of clay to make a new color, sometimes it does not exactly match what is available in the stores.
  I also finally got started on making my charms for the Clayditarod Cruise.  I know that a lot of people already had theirs done a loooong time ago, but I could not decide what to do until this weekend.  I got 50 done in a marathon session Sunday.  Only 30 more to go!
  And I have my earrings for the 52 in a year project to share.
  I was too busy to post last weeks pair, so I have another twofer to share with  you.
These beads were made using the "scrapings" from a mokume gane stack.  I dangled some crystals from chains for a change of pace.
Since I was (and still am) so involved in finishing up my Clayditeron charms, I will not have the time this week to make any more clay beads.  I saw this ceramic beads at Michael's and just had to have them (I don't  know why pink is suddenly appealing to me ... I was never really a pink person before).  They went perfectly with the square findings and I found I only had 4 pinkish crystals in my stash.

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  1. Beautiful earrings! I love that glassy, polymer clay bead!