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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I got my bead partner!!!

My bead partner for the Bead Soup Party is Melissa Lynch Mesara.  I am so excited.  Melissa is a lampwork and metal artist aka the One Earred Pig. I think Lori put us together because of our blog's names, LOL.
 I spent time looking around on her Pinterest boards.  We have a lot in common - we both like Dr Who, Steampunk, the Muppets and get a kick out of Zombies (Braaaaaaaaains). I am new to Pinteret and so far I was focusing on the Polymer, jewelry, and color.  She had so many interesting boards that it inspired me to expand.  I have added  Dr Who and "V for Vendetta" boards. I also saw that she had a "Pinterest" button on her blog.  I am so pleased that I was able to figure out how to add one to my blog.
  I am spending way too much time on Pinterest.  I should be working on my beads for the bead exchange.
  I had started making some on Saturday.  I got the veneer made and applied. The beads were cured and I was going to work on sanding them on Sunday. But the best laid plans and all that ...  Saturday night I went out to dinner.  Jen and I went to the Cheesecake Factory (yummmm).  There was a long wait but since we had not seen each other in several months, we didn't really mind.  We went to find a seat outside.  It had been raining (duh - it's Seattle).  I wanted to insure that my chair wasn't wet, so I ran my hand over the seat. Sharp pain ... blood every where.  There was a broken piece of glass embedded in the cane work.  And, of course, I found it.
  So, now I can't sand anything till the cut heals.  I am having to regroup and think of a bead design that won't require sanding. Don't have that much time to think, as they have to go out next week.

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  1. Oh no! Sounds like something I would do. I hope it heals quickly.