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Friday, July 13, 2012

My Bowl of Soup is here!

I got home from a very hectic night in the lab, to find that my package from Melissa at the One-Eared Pig had arrived.  It was too dark to take a good pix so I had to wait till daylight to show them off.  Melissa is a glass bead artist, so I knew that I would be receiving something fascinating (I LOVE glass beads - use to make them till my eye went wonky).  And I was not wrong
    She used a glass called Translucent Uranium Yellow to make them.  I am just blown away with the "glow from within" effect she achieved.  This is certainly going to be a challenge for me as these are colors I would never have chosen, but I think they are going to work out well.  You really can't tell from the pix, but the beads have little coppery sparkles inside.  Gorgeous.
And, of course, a Penguin to guard them all.
As promised, here is a photo of what I sent her.
Yes, there are two focals.  After I got done making the blue textured focal (I got the tut for these beads from Lydia at SC Diva), I got to thinking that it was too big. Rather than discard these beads entirely, I dug in my stash and found the Foral Steampunk and the accompanying leafy beads. And of course, some polymer penguins.

The timing for the arrival of the BSBP mix couldn't have been better.  This weekend is the Bead Festival in Tacoma.  I am sure to find some thing to help me complete my necklace or what ever I am going to make from Melissa's goodies. Our reveal day is August 11, which seems like a long time now, but as I am also getting ready for the Clayditeron cruise, it will fly by.  (65 charms made, only 15 to go!!!)

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  1. Can't wait to see how you use that adorable penguin! And those leafy beads are awesome!