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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bead Soup Teaser

The official day to send out our beads for this summers BSBP was last Monday. But in reading my Bead Soup Partner's blog, she has had one hectic life lately. And mine has not been that much better - so much stress about whether I was going to have a  job or not. At least we know who we are going to be partnering with now and from what we have been able to glean, it will be at least a year before any real changes happen.  Every day working is more money put away for my retirement ... so another year is a big bonus.

     Again with the digressions ... I have my Bead Soup mix packaged up and ready to send.
Here is the teaser

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  1. Missed the entry for the bead soup this year but in a way I'm glad, in light of the events of the last couple of weeks with my mum passing and a house full of relatives and no access to my studio I think my partner would have been very disappointed with my bead soup endevours. Look forward to seeing your soup Julee.