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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Always running behind

I actually had feeling in the fingers on my left hand today!  Time to celebrate.  I spent the morning at Catherine's getting some new clothes for the Clayditarod.  It has been a long while since I last went shopping for anything other than T-shirts and work clothes. I was so happy to see that the popular colors this summer/fall are ones that I like.  I picked up some jeans, khaki pants, and a bunch of new tops that are soooo my colors - teals and limey greens, blacks and creams... so yummy.

Then off to the Goodwill to look for clothes for the Lumberjack theme night we will be having on the cruise. Lord Opuson is really looking forward to that.  Not only does he look a bit like Red Green, he can sound like him too!  Too bad he wants me to be Harold.  No way that I am that geeky (or skinny!).
    Did not have much luck though. Flannel shirts are not readily available this time of year and suspenders, well -  just forget about it.  I did find a lovely leather purse that was only missing a rivet on the bottom (so easy to fix!).  Will check out other thrift stores tomorrow on the way to work.

Home again to work on my BSBP while I still have a usable hand.  Got side tracked a bit by the idea that I was really behind on the 52 earring project.  No new beads,  but did find these in my stash.  They are from the days I was first experimenting with PanPastel Chalks.
Aye Bead Earrings (week 29)
I start with white clay, form into the bead shape.  I used kemper cutters to make the designs, and then painted the areas with the chalks.  After baking, I antiqued with tinted LPC.
   Now to work on my BS necklace before I go numb again!  So wonderful to be able to type again with both hands!!!

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  1. Glad your hand is behaving today, JuLee. I hadn't known much about "PanPastel Chalk" so I read some of your older posts you labelled with it. It is quite a subtle, artistic effect, really different from using coloured PC. I wonder if other chalk pastels, finely grated, could produce similar results?

    I laughed at your mention of Red Green and Harold. I suppose Red's catchphrase "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy" could apply to artisans as well LOL