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Friday, June 1, 2012

Catch up V2.0

Still have two more pair of earrings to blog about.  Just got too tired last night to continue.

Both these were made from metal beads that I picked up from Ben Franklin.  I colored them with the Ranger/Vintaj Patina paints that have come out recently.  I am really liking these paints. They are bright and cheerful and you don't have to bake them (a big plus).  Only time will tell as to how durable they are.

Week 20 earrings were made by painting base silver beads with a mixture of amethyst with the Patina Glaze to lighten it a bit. Then I went back in and with a toothpick carefully laid the straight amethyst into the indents in the beads.
Original metal beads

Earrings after painting with Amethyst Patina.  "Seeing Spots - Week 20
The next pair use the Jade color of Patina.  This time I also painted the end cap beads with the straight Jade.  The pair I am picturing are made from applying the undiluted Jade  to the bead.  I had also mixed the Jade with a larger amount of the Glaze to get more of a color wash.  I like the straight Jade better.
Green Twist Week 21

Original bead on left, Jade colorwashed bead on right.


  1. I hope you don't mind me asking but how do you get that tube down the middle of the bead like that. I really like that idea.

  2. Lovely work. Surprising what a color wash can do. I really love the green color twist!! Hope you are ok!!!!!