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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Caught up, for now

Here I thought I was all caught up on my earrings and could take a breather.  But then I got "smart" and started to write down my weeks and what I posted - and I found out I was a week short.  That's what organization will get me!
   I had experimented several months ago with foil, inks, glitter and a touch of resin to top it off.  I am not sure I these are really my color, but they might look nice in the fall.  The picture on the earring display simply would not focus well, so I was forced to use my windowsill as a background so you can see the details.  Of course, Eyesis had to see what I was doing, so I snapped a pix of her too.

Week 23

She doesn't focus well, either.

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