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Friday, June 1, 2012

Playing Catch Up

With all the other happenings in my life lately, I have really fallen behind in my goal to make and post a pair of earrings every week.  Have almost caught up. Only one week to go.

So here are a few of my catch up pieces - not all earrings are PC as I have not had the time to make too many new beads lately (only time I have had for that was Clay Camp).

I found these ceramic beads when I was cleaning in my studio, trying to get organize and pack up for Clay Camp.  They were a gift from a friend who was cleaning out her bead stash before moving to Denver. Her loss ... my gain.
Old Stone Mill - week 18
I did get some beads made at Clay Camp, in between the gossip (say What??? Us serious clayers gossip!  Heaven forbid ... merely exchanging life story's ...  ) and looking at what everyone else was doing.  The base color in these beads was made by mixing my favorite color of alcohol ink with pearl.  I made the subtle stripes in the bead using the mica shift.  I cut thin layers of the mica sheet, turned them on their sides and laid them on the original sheet.  Viola - stripes.

Mica Ice - Week 19

With all the sadness of this last week, there was a ray of sunshine.  My MIL was diagnosed with Lymphoma just before Christmas.  After  long and arduous chemotherapy treatments, it looks like it has gone into remission.
We just knew she could beat it:  she is such a feisty old lady, she scared it out of her body.

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