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Monday, March 12, 2012


I generally wear jewelery that I have made myself. Or, since I know so many talented Polymer artists, pieces that I buy or trade for from them. But this weekend I was fortunately able to attend the RAGS artisans show. RAGS is an annual charity show held in Fife, Washington, the proceeds of which benefit the YWCA.   This was their 17th year and I learned when I arrived that on Saturday they had hit their $1,000,000 mark!  All the jewelry and wearable art is handcrafted by local artisans.  I was so hard pressed to stay within my budget... so many shiny things .....

Think I will share what I did bring home with me.
Christine Lutschg shapes and enamels copper rounds to create her lovely earrings.  I was torn between these and some in the same color only the insert was a felted ball.  Finally chose this pair as teal is a color I wear a lot.  Two views so that you can see the depth.

 Debbie Jackson specializes in hand fabricated Sterling Silver and Copper Enameled Jewelry.  I have been thinking that I wanted to learn to enamel for some time now, so had a very interesting conversation with her about the process and got a good lead on a teacher. Debbie told me that she silkscreens on the design to obtain such  delicious details in her pieces.  I liked her work so much that I bought a pair for me and one for my  friend for her birthday.
Now I just have to decide which one to keep. I am leaning towards the red, but purple .... decisions, decisions....

I just love the name of the Pamela Bellesen's Studio.  And I love  these earrings. Pam says that these are a very popular design. I wonder why they are so popular in Seattle???
Unfortunately I forgot to pick up the business card for this artist, so can give no info on her. Her booth was being manned by a volunteer at the time, so I was not able to ask what material the points are made of. It might be polymer.  I don't think it is a stone.
I really had a great time talking with the artist who designed these niobium earrings.  Unfortunately I can't find her card to give her due credit. But I do remember that she told me the colors are in the metal itself. She obtains the colors (I really wish you could see how the color changes as earrings are tilted back and forth - beautiful), by passing an electrical current through a conductive solution. The  voltage level determines the final color.  She immerses different parts of the metal into the solution at different voltages to get the color graduations.
  A long process, but worth the results.
I was wearing a pendant and earrings I had made.  Four of the artisans I talked with told me that I should try to jury into the show next year.  I am giving it serious thought.  It is such a worthy cause and a good venue. There was only one polymer artist represented and her work is completely different than mine.  I might stand a chance to make it. 

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  1. Fabulous pieces Julee. Yes you should do the show next year. Your pieces are wonderful and I just know they would sell.