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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Great White North

This week I was going to do something for St Patrick's Day, but my creative juice just was not green. As Kermit says, it isn't easy to be Green.

 Maybe it was the snow.  Here it is, March and over 40 degrees F. outside and snow falling in big flakes.  Opuson said that one afternoon this past week, in a 10 mile drive, it rained, snowed, sleeted and hailed on him in between the sun breaks.  At this rate, it will be spring in June, just in time for our two month summer.  I really shouldn't complain, the weather here is generally milder than most parts of the country.
I found little face beads on the sale table at Fusion Beads, and even though I had no particular plans, I just KNEW that I could find a use for them.  (My hubbie calls it hording, I call it planning for the future). I revisited my wheelie bead design from a while back, adding my new friends to the mix.  The final bead reminded me a bit of the logo on the tail of the Alaska airline planes, so I dubbed it "The Great White North".  

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