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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bronze Swellegant - Week 9/52 Earrings

 Been busy with some early spring cleaning... starting with the bookshelves.  I can't believe that I actually am saying this, but I have too many books! I have a set of shelves for them, but it is up on the wall above a desk. Hard to get to without a ladder.  Any book I get down, I have a hard time getting back into the ranks as the books collapse in on themselves.  I want to move them to a more convenient  location but in order to do so, DH says that we have to weed out and  ::choke:: get rid of  other books to make room.  Let me explain ....  I LOVE my books, they are like old friends that I visit again and again. I have gotten rid of books in the past that I regretted, some went out of print (still looking for the 5th book in the "True Game" series).  *sigh*  ... at least we get store credit at Page Two. 

This has been a very hard task, but if I want more room in the studio.... I must persevere.  Lord Opuson reminds me that there is always the library ....

Since I have been busy lately, I stayed simple with my weekly earring design.  I used discs from the Swellegant experiments.  I really like the look of Verdigris patina on the Bronze discs.

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  1. I hear you about the books. I just cannot get rid of any of them. I have tried, like you, only to regret it later. When I die, someone else can do it. Sigh................