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Monday, January 31, 2011

What to take...what to take

Why is it always harder for me to decide what jewelery to take on vacation than it is to decide what clothing to pack?  I have had my clothes picked out for almost a week, but trying to match up the accessories....oh, boy (to quote Sam Beckett).

It is a bead show after all .... and that calls for showing off a bit. I know that other people will be. However, I really don't make showy, elaborate pieces. Mine are more for  everyday wear. Since the shirts I am packing are green, turquoise blue and tan, that  finally decided my color palette.

 I think I have it narrowed down to some of my favorite, most worn pieces.  They aren't necessarily show items, but they are all beloved in their own way.  I feel comfortable wearing them.  The picture is not the greatest as I took it on a whim while packing,  not really caring about lighting,etc.


     Each piece has its own story, and I may write about them some day.

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