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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shilo's Introduction to new home

Shilo is getting ready to move to her new home.  She was scheduled to move this last weekend, but since Jen and Ronda were in the process of tearing up the rugs in their new place, it was felt it would be too dangerous for a little puff like Shilo .... she might get crushed underfoot or run out the door and get lost in the new wooded surroundings. So she is going to be going over this coming weekend,

In preparation for the move, I took her over to meet her new moms.  At first she wasn't sure about the whole thing.  The first chance she got, she ran under a pickup where she thought she would be safe.  Oh, no,,, there was another cat under there!!!
    That was her first introduction to her new "aunt" Milly.  A little tail puffing and a hiss or two, but that was it. Looks like they might get along OK

After a while, Shilo calmed down and I knew when this picture was taken that she will be a very loving home.
Shilo asleep on Momma Rhonda's Lap
In case you are wondering, Rhonda's T-shirt says "If you don't teach your cat about catnip, who will?"

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  1. She looks so comfy and relaxed. What a gorgeous puddy-tat.