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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rustic Revisited

I think I might have a touch of OCD.  When I find a technique I like, I tend to focus on it to the exclusion of all others.  Earlier this spring it was controlled marbling, and now it is Rustic Beads.  I have been playing with different textures and a few different colors.  Making these beads is so much fun, I just don't want to stop (until Lynda Moseley's newest faux tut comes out, then I predict I will be focus on that for a while ... teehee).

While I am going to post pixs of lots of beads, keep in mind that I have been making these off and on for the last month.  I have thoughts of them being the beads for the PC charm trade on my upcoming Polymer Clay Cruise in October.

My Blue Period

Seem to gravitate to the greens.

Love the contrast of yellow and rust.

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  1. Practice obviously is making perfect for you my dear. And I'm so glad you're enjoying this so much. I'm with you, though, we'd better enjoy this while we can because the minute Lynda comes out with that tutorial, I'm going to be knee deep in pretty faux finishes.