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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hoarder's Stash Bead Hop this weekend

I can't believe that I actually got my pieces done!  My j.o.b. has been so hectic lately that there was not much time left in the day for working on any projects.  But 5-10 minutes at a time over the last several weeks paid off.  Look for the reveal this Saturday, July 20th.

The "boys" are growing by leaps and bounds.  Zinger was the rut of the litter, so tiny and shy.  Now he is a moose! All muscle. Tofur, who we thought would be huge because his paws were so big, is much lighter (mostly fur). They finally finished up with all their shots and have forgiven us for their visits to the vet.
Zinger is just not sure about coming out of the cage
during this vet visit.

We found some more stray kittens in the blackberry vines a couple of weeks ago.  This cutie was so adorable that I was not willing to take her to the Humane Society. She is finding a home with my good friend Jen.  We are kitty sitting till she moves into her new home at the end of the month.
I would keep her if I could, but 6 is too many already.  I swear there is a beacon over our house written in Catese,,,, it say "Here live Suckers"  (they will pet you and love you and feed you and call you George)


  1. I find it tough keeping just two kitties, Julie. When I pick up my son at the shelter where he volunteers, I see all those sweet cat faces begging to be taken home. Argh!

    I am in the same boat, hoard-wise. While I didn't get NEAR as much done as I had hoped, I did get the inspiration to sort and commit, so that's all good. See you Saturday!

  2. Kuddos to your son for volunteering. I am planning on doing that when I retire from the j.o.b. I love the kitties and want to be around them, but just can't adopt any more.
    I hsve my pictures taken and just have to write the blog up. I am happy to have gotten done what I did, and it kinda is inspiring me to do more. Just gotta find the time.

  3. I have not started my 3 pieces for the hop yet. I came down with food poisoning from bad nectarines. Who gets sick from bad fruit??? This girl.. lol So I have about 10 hours to get jumpin.. lol can not wait to see what you made.
    I so wish I could have a kitty, but my pit does not like them very much. *sigh*