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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop is coming

I have a lot of beads.
Not only do I make my own beads but can't seem to resist buying more.
Never meet a bead show or store I did not like.
I bring the beads home, oh and ah over them and then store them away to do "something special" with at some nebulous time in the future....that never seems to come.
It really is a form of addiction.  Heaven knows my husband thinks it is (and yah, when was the last time you used that mitre saw you just HAD to have, hummm?)

With this thought in mind, the lovely Lori Anderson is hosting another blog hop devoted to delving into the stash to actually MAKE something.

OK ... Delving I did go.  First stop, a Christi Friesen piece that I have been keeping the plastic container it came in since I bought it on my first polymer clay cruise at least  5 years ago!  It took a while to figure out how to get it out of the box, as it was wired in for display purposes.
Now I am trying to string using bone and wooden beads from my stash.  I have tried numerous combinations and still not settled on one I am happy with.
I do a lot of beading in bed. It has the best light in the house.
When I was in Tuscon several years ago, I found these gorgeous ceramic beads at the Clay River Design booth.  Time for them to become my next masterpiece.

Wish I had bought more of these!
Have to wait and see, if I can get these beaded and ready by the 20th. There is so much stuff going on outside bead studio this time of year. Hoping that I can, and that I can work up even more of my stash.  The weather has been so warm it is really hard to do any polymer work ... this hop is a great inducement to keep the Muse Alive while waiting for cooler temps.


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  1. I am eager to do this one, JuLee. I think it is the next on my list but I'll have to double-check. We had our black & white challenge today, it was great fun!

    I agree, keeping the Muse happy is more difficult in summer; she seems to have piques of temper and pouts if not fed a steady diet of inspiring ideas!