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Sunday, May 26, 2013

What a Wasted Week

I hate being sick.  And, even worse, to be sick on vacation.  Started getting sick at Clay Camp Sunday Night and by Monday night, I was down for the count.  I think this cold hit me so hard because I still have a touch of the bronchitis from last month's infection.

I was supposed to be in Eastern Washington this week helping with my mother's estate.  Instead my poor beleaguered sister had to handle the yard sale by herself.  I feel so bad about this ... I had taken the week off especially to help her.

Last night was the first time I felt even a little human all week, and at that all I could do was watch a little TV, catch up on emails and visit Pinterest.  Today I started putting away my Clay Camp paraphernalia - that took most of the morning. After a several hour nap to recoup my energy, I took some pictures of the beads I made at Clay Camp.  They will be posted later when I have the energy to edit them.

Lord Opuson was a trouper, watching over me and the kittens when I was sick.   We both have our faves.  Soft little Tofur is my baby, while Zinger  (so named because he Zings into the house whenever the door opens) is growing on my hubbie.
Tofur a couple of weeks ago.  Getting ready for a nap

Opus actually tucker Zinger out playing with him.
Usually he doesn't hold still for photos.

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