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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Always can use more beads

I  spent a very nice morning the other day with my guildie Patricia.
    We browsed around Hobby Lobby, where I picked up a few findings and some much needed silver colored wire. Wish I could afford the real stuff ...
    After a bit of luncheon and pleasant conversation, we got down to business - a Bead Exchange!
    Patricia was interested in my fire lizard egg beads and I was anxious to see what she had done lately.
    This is one of the things I love about the medium of polymer clay.  You can give several artists the same color blocks of clay and you will get something completely different from each one. That is certainly true of Patricia and me.  Our design aesthetics are totally different. I like bright, in your face colors, while she works in a more subdued color palette.
     For some reason, I was really attracted to her faux amber beads.  Don't know why, don't have anything in my closet to wear with them ... so, of course, I went straight home and made up earrings from them.  Now I will have to go shopping for clothing to match (hee, hee).
      I have seen photo collages on other blogs and Flickr so attempted to make one showcasing the earrings I made using Patricia's beads.  It took longer to try to figure out how to do it than it did to take the pictures.  I am so not a computer geek.
Luckily, my favorite earrings went into the center the first time.
Thank you Patricia, for a lovely morning. See you Saturday at the NWPCG Clay Camp.


  1. Gorgeous beads and fab earrings Julee, I have on more than one occasion made jewellery then gone out and bought clothing to go with it.....I thought everyone did that!!!

  2. Patricia PerrineMay 13, 2013 at 11:16 AM

    Oh, how fun is this! I love what you've come up with JuLee! I've been looking at the beads from you along with my wirework Pinterest board to come up with some designs. I'll bring them to clay camp to show you.