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Friday, February 17, 2012

Shake your Lizard Tail

At our guild meeting last week, we had one of my favorite program features.... a round robin.  Three different instructor have 20 minutes to present a mini program. We move from table to table to get all 3 in  a little more than an hour.  Sometimes they are hands on and sometimes  a demo, but always fun.

Joanne demo'd Lizard Tails a la Julie Picarello. She tried a new, to her, color combo that really turned out nice and I got to take home the demo!
And I Sanded it!!!!

So when I got a chance I tried it myself, using the scraps from my table.  It is not nearly as dramatic as Joanne's.  Not enough contrast... a learning experience. 

I had a lot of the base cane left.  Since I did not like it that much, rather than make several small ones, I formed it into one large pendant shape.
I am bigger than I look. 
Now I have to figure out how to hang it.  An excuse to visit the Blue Iris Bead Store for a bail, maybe?

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