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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Earrings week 8 - The Bear in the Woods

I can't believe that it is already eight weeks into the 52 earrings project.  It has certainly kept me active in my studio, so in that aspect it has already helped with that portion of my New Year's goal.

This week I did not go with Polymer.  The pieces I am experimenting with are not ready yet to be made into  earrings - hopefully next week.  I ordered the metal coatings, patinas and dyes from CF originals and have been having fun working with them.  More later....

We live in the Pacific Northwest where totems are a part of the rich cultural heritage of the native Americans and have been incorporated  into much of the art found in this part of the world.  Even the logos for some of the companies around here have totems in them.  My husband says that my totem would have been the bear. I find this hard to believe as I feel no affinity for the bear ( the mighty penguin however .... that is a bird that I greatly admire).  He insists that I am bear, the healer. So to appease,  my earrings this week were made especially for him

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