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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Weekend that Was

I have been out of town for the labor day weekend plus a few.  My sister (who I found out reads my blog - hi Cheri) is the caregiver for my mother.  She moved in with Mom at the first of the year and was reaching burn out.  So a trip across the mountains after work Friday night was in order (never again, driving through construction on I-90 in the middle of the night with semi trucks careening all over the place was NOT fun).  Cheri left for a well deserved break Saturday and I had Mom all to myself in a very hot house.  Mom is very thin so she likes it hot, I am not so thin and like it cool.  I find this very ironic as when I was a child it was just the opposite.  I would stand over the heat registers in the house to get warm while Mom was running around turning the heat down. She warned me about "the Change" and how it would "see" what hot is.  I see already ... please let me turn on the AC!

The bad thing about Mom's is that she does not have Internet access.  Now I can remember the time before computers were everywhere but it is so surprising how dependant I have become on it.  I actually had to read to entertain myself. Don't get me wrong, I read all the time, but a lot of my reading is other blogs, interesting websites, tuts, on line.... not so much a physical book (and my book is an e-reader - hundreds of books at my fingertips). One of my goals for the weekend, as I did have a lot of enforced spare time on my hand, was to photograph my jewelery for inventory and blogging purposes.  I got two boxes done so will have a lot of pix to post in the future.

Wind Farm outside Ellensburg Wa. I drove past on my way home
These things are HUGE

Hubbie is trying to get my attention. Apparently there is a new episode of The Guild posted on line and I HAVE to check it out.  More later.

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